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Get a resource

Used to get a resource from the FIM Service using its object ID or an anchor attribute/value pair


Method URL
GET /v1/resources/{id}
GET /v1/resources/{objectType}/{anchorAttributeName}/{anchorAttributeValue}

URL Parameters

Parameter name Description
{id} The object ID of the resource
{objectType} The type of object to query
{anchorAttributeName} The name of the attribute that can be used to find this resource by its unique anchor value
{anchorAttributeValue} The value of the anchor attribute that uniquely identifies this resource

Request Body

This request type does not require a request body


Response Codes

See the topic on error handling for the response codes that this API call can return.

Response Body

This method will return a JSON-formatted response containing the attributes and value pairs of this resource



GET /v1/resources/f03f50c0-f40a-4370-8531-e5d025d22cb2


HTTP/1.1 200 OK

    "ObjectType": "Person",
    "ObjectID": "64f62191-b255-443b-bbe4-491a66300725",
    "ObjectSID": "AQUAAAAAAAUVAAAAFYLkaG78nJrWb05iFacCAA==",
    "CreatedTime": "2015-06-02T09:13:57.037",
    "Creator": "fb89aefa-5ea1-47f1-8890-abe7797d6497",
    "DomainConfiguration": "1aff46f4-5511-452d-bcbd-7f7b34b0fe14",
    "Manager": "64f62191-b255-443b-bbe4-491a66300725",
    "AccountName": "testuser",
    "DisplayName": "Test User",
    "Domain": "FIM-DEV1",
    "Email": "test.user@lithnet.local",
    "FirstName": "Test",
    "JobTitle": "Test User",
    "LastName": "User",
    "MVObjectID": "{7612EEDA-551E-E511-8CDB-005056B50BB9}",
    "jobTitles": [

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